GRAMMADAS LTD has been investing in renewable energy sources, through the establishment of photovoltaic parks in Northern Greece, with a total power of 3.0MWh, with a view to make new investments in similar projects in the near future.

A large percentage of all electricity consumed by the company is produced by a photovoltaic power station with a capacity of 250kW installed on the roof of our privately-owned premises.

Through the continuous development of our online service My Account, GRAMMADAS LTD seeks to minimize printing of forms (e.g., invoices, consignment notes, etc.). All invoices and other supporting documents of our customers are posted on their online account, thus optimizing B2B communication and reducing consumption of natural resources.

Our fleet is continuously evolving, to include vehicles of pollutant classes EURO5 EEV and EURO6, in accordance with environmental protection laws, including proper functioning of AdBlue System.